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1 Pcs Toilet Brush With Base




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Keep your toilet/bathroom clean with this toilet brush! Made of durable plastic, this brush is built to withstand repeated use in virtually any setting. The unique design is tough and sturdy, yet still flexible, offering greater versatility of use. This brush will not warp or bend over time. In addition, this toilet brush has fine bristles to obtain an extremely deep clean, leaves your toilet shinning. There’s also a built-in hanging slot which ensures efficient, space-saving storage when the toilet brush is not in use. Offering high-quality function at an economical price, this brush is a must-have.

  • Strong Nylon Bristles:The brush bristles is strong and dense with new technology. It’s difficult to deformation and it can remove stains forcefully. It will help you to clean bathroom easily.
  • Steel-reinforced Handle:Strong handle means strength and never break off.Good Grips:The slip ring design of the handle.It perfectly suited to hand shape and grip strength habit.
  • Intermediate hole: Sewage is a bacterial breeding places. Intermediate hole design allows easy to breed bacteria cup dry faster and it will never mildew and give off bad smell.
  • Toilet Brush with Holder Approximately Dimensions: 4.5 inches diameter (base) by 20 inches high(fully assembled).



  • The brush bristles is strong and dense
  • It’s difficult to deform and it can remove stains forcefully.
  • It will help you to clean bathroom easily.
  • Highly durablee
  • Multi-color


1x Toilet Brush with base


  • Model: Toilet
  • Production Country: China
  • Weight (kg): 0.2
  • Color: Blue
  • Main Material: Plastic
  • Care Label: keep clean


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